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ICT, digital literacy skills and Computer Science are of prime importance in the rapidly advancing global society that we live in. The Computing curriculum has to evolve and adapt constantly, due to the ever changing nature and use of technology in society.

Recently, more emphasis has been placed on developing the programming skills of pupils and having an understanding of how computers actually work. The latest curriculum changes at Wigston address this issue.

Each pupil has one discrete lesson of Computing per week. Each pupil uses their own PC in lessons. There is also a 10 week block of digital media lessons for each KS3 pupil. This provides an experience that surpasses most other schools.

Students are allowed to use the IT rooms at lunch-time for school-work related activities as along as they ask a member of staff from Computing. There is an IT club after-school on Thursdays – most students play Minecraft. There is a programming club on Friday lunch-times.

Wigston has three main IT suites. There are many laptops available for departments to use on the campus-wide wireless network. Every classroom is fitted with a whiteboard and projector.

The Internet connection that is provided at school is a filtered level service for education.