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Year 7 Graphics

Understand the different ways that computers create and manage graphic elements.  Vector & Bitmap graphics.  Photoshop skills.


Fronter: 7.1 Graphics

Introduction to Computing Science

Basic understanding of computer hardware and software functions.

Use simple programming (Scratch) to create a range of products.

Fronter: 7.2 Introduction to Computing Science

MSW Logo

A further course on programming which builds on concepts learned in the previous term.

Write sequences of instructions

Understand the basic commands used in MSW Logo.

Use commands to create procedures for building simple programs.

Fronter: Year 7 Logo

Harry Plotter

Developing basic Spreadsheet modelling skills and understanding of simple functions.

Fronter: 7.4 Harry Plotter


Using computers effectively and safely.  Learn to be critical of information.  Privacy and data security. Social media, emails and search engines. Data footprint. Password advice.

Fronter: 7.3 Using Computers Safely


Understand what a database is and how they work.  Use spreadsheet filters and database tools to create and analyse a database.

Fronter:7.5 Super Hero Database

Endangered Animals

Develop understanding of purpose and audience in a presentation based on a specific theme.  Enhanced presentation skills.

Fronter: 7.1 Endangered Animals

Year 8 Small Basic

Understand the Small Basic interface and develop programming skills to create a range of outcomes including simple mathematical shapes, text files and graphic elements.

Fronter: 8.3 Introduction to Programming

Understanding Computers

Hardware and software, CPU and components.  Understand simple Binary processes and how storage devices work.

Convergence and changing technologies.

Fronter: 8.4 Understanding Computers

History of Computers

Famous computing pioneers and famous computers investigation and presentation. Creating a history of computers quiz. Creating a magazine cover in Photoshop.

Gangsta Zoo

Develop understanding of more complex spreadsheet functions and processes.

Conditional formatting, COUNTIF, AVERAGE.

Fronter: 8.5 Gangsta Zoo

HTML – Website Design

Simple HTML code including basic CSS.

WYSIWYG web design to create a site based on a given theme.

Fronter: 8.1 HTML

8.6 Computer Crime and Cyber Security

Fronter: 8.6 Computer Crime and Cyber Security


Year 9 Python

Introduction to Python coding.

Create simple scripts using appropriate conditions and commands. Turtle graphics, variables, if selection statements, for loops and lists.

Fronter: 9.3 Programming with Python

Computer Science

Understand how domains, connectivity and networks facilitate communication between computers.  Image and sound representation. Logic Gates. Sorting algorithms.

Fronter: 9.4 Computer Science

Flowol unit (Resources to be located)



Spy Academy

Understand a range of cyphers and how these are used to encode and decode messages.

Computational thinking skills and problem solving activities.

Fronter: 9.5 Wigston Spy Academy

Grand Designs

Extended project.  Use a range of skills and software to create a design for a structure, finance the project, install control systems and market the project in a range of appropriate formats.

Fronter: 9.1 Grand Designs

Room Design

Use search engines for finding suitable information

Create digital artefacts suited to topic

Use vector graphics tools to develop visual design features for a particular audience.

Task sheets


Fronter: 9.5 Appshed