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Pupils are taught how to negotiate with each other and how to create, perform and respond to Drama both as an art form and as a means of exploring life situations. Through the Schemes of Work, pupils also gain an overview of the History of Theatre.

The skills developed provide firm foundations for pupils wishing to pursue Drama at KS4 and also make a significant contribution to the development of all-round confidence and social proficiency.

The plan below is flexible to allow for differing lengths of terms from year to year and to accommodate the various needs of pupil groups. One-off workshops when relevant may also be integrated into schemes.

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7 Greek Theatre

Focus on teamwork and using face, body and the space effectively in mime through Physical Theatre, with Greek Myth as a stimulus.

Musical Theatre

Focus on developing body language, facial expressions and vocal skills in character work using ‘Oliver!’ as a stimulus.

Mask Theatre

Focus on communication/ portraying emotion without words.


Commedia Dell’arte

Focus on status and improvisation techniques.

Debating Social Issues

Focus on using character work to understand different points of view/ gain empathy / react and respond in character using ‘Animal Rights and Wrongs’ as a stimulus topic.

Year 8 Introduction to GCSE skills

Focus on exploring a social issue through the use of  GCSE Drama techniques and conventions using ‘Peer Pressure’ as a stimulus topic.

Ensemble Work

Focus on whole-class performance of  ‘A Christmas Carol.’


Focus on team story creation and telling through mime / exaggeration.

Silent Movie

Focus on the work of Charlie Chaplin / group performances in the genre.

Shakespeare From Page to Stage / Stage Combat

Focus on understanding text through performance / modern interpretations and creating safe and effective fight scenes using ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘Macbeth.’

Year 9 Blocking

Focus on staging / directing.

Implementation of GCSE skills /Pantomime

Focus on developing team-building, improvisation, character work, skills and techniques culminating in a performance.


Focus on scripting / character portrayal / direct address.


Focus on genre key elements and links with other genres.

Musical Theatre incorporating West End performance and workshop.

Focus on Comedy / Tragedy using ‘Blood Brothers’ and / or ‘Les Miserables’ as a stimulus.