At Wigston Academy, we recognise the importance of enabling pupils to become effective communicators in a range of situations. As such, the development of literacy is a whole-school focus, wherein pupils experience literacy based activities in every subject on the curriculum.

It is a truth universally acknowledged amongst English teachers that reading is vital to the overall progress of pupils in our subject and across the curriculum. Good readers make good writers and effective communicators and, as a department, we strongly urge frequent reading practise at home. With that in mind, we foster a ‘reading culture’ within English lessons and in the wider school community, with the aim of instilling a love of reading in each pupil. As well as regular reading activities in English lessons, in which pupils will learn such vital skills as interpretation, deduction and analysis, we have also launched a whole-school initiative called ‘ERIC’ (Everyone Reads in Class). Pupils are told to bring a reading book to school in anticipation of ERIC, which happens once a week.

Throughout their time at Wigston Academy, pupils are taught a range of written skills from the basics, in which they build on what they know from Primary school, to the more technical and challenging, in which they are prepared for the demands of GCSE work, when they are in Year 9. They are given opportunities to express themselves in a range of written styles, both creative and non-fiction and many of the topics covered have historically proved popular amongst pupils. In order to improve the pupils’ range of vocabulary across the curriculum, we have initiated a ‘Words of the Week’ programme, wherein four new, challenging words are introduced each week. Pupils will be encouraged by all teachers to use these words in their writing and will be rewarded for doing so.

Pupils are given a well-rounded experience in English lessons, with plenty of opportunities for group work and discussion and opportunities to express opinions about topics as well as learning fundamental reading and written skills. In Year 9, pupils will be able to choose English as a ‘GCSE taster option’, which takes place every Thursday afternoon in rotation with other subjects.

Homework will be set once a week.

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