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Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn Spelling in French

Definite and Indefinite articles

Singular and plurals


Using a dictionary

Possesssive adjective

Using the verb être

Exploring rhymes and syllables

Present tense of -er verbs

Avoir and être

-ir and -re verbs

Aller and faire

Perfect tense

Present tense regular and irregular;

Adjective and adjectival agreement

reflexive verbs in present tense, near future tense, perfect tense; using present and perfect tenses together. (H) including imperfect tense

Spring Using regular -er verbs

Using avoir (1st, 2nd and 3rd person singular)

Understanding adjective agreement (singular and plural)

Using the present tense

Asking Questions

Giving and justifying opinions

Telling the time

‘on’ to say ‘we’

Partitive article

Perfect tense of regular and irregular verbs

C’était/ j’ai trouvé ça + adjective

Perfect tense with être

Questions in the perfect tense

Adjectival agreement

Reflexive verbs

Agreeing/disagreeing + justifying

Formulating questions Asking questions in the tu and vous form

Using a combination of tenses

Using irregular verbs in the present tense, the comparative, negatives

(H) the superlatives, (H) direct object pronouns (le, la,les)

Summer Jouer à


Aimer +infinitive

3rd person plural

Il y a / il n’y a pas de

Using ‘tu’ or ‘vous’

à + definite article

vouloir/pouvoir + infinitive

Using j’habite and je voudrais habiter

Using prepositions

Using the partitive article

Using il faut +infinitive

Practising the near future

Comparative Adjectives (H)

Boire, prendre (H)

Using 3 tenses (H)

Revising places in town and asking the way, using a superlative, using the si clause, using negatives,

Using the perfect, present and future tenses, using the negatives