Maths Course Content

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Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn Working with place value

Introducing Algebra

Lines and Angles

The probability scale

Powers, Roots and Rounding

Formulae Sequences and Rules

Using Measurements

Arithmetical operations with decimals and negatives

Algebraic Expressions

Parallel, Alternate and Corresponding


Sets and Unions

Multiples, Factors and Primes

Sequences and Relationships

Accuracy with perimeter and area

Arithmetic with fractions

Expressions and Formulae

Angles and Polygons

Ratio and Percentage Change

Sample spaces to calculate theoretical probability

Standard form and the number system

Geometric Sequences

Rearranging and solving linear equations

Spring Representing and Interpreting Data

Order of Operations

Linear Equations

Properties of shapes and solids


Using averages and range to describe data

Using relationships to describe data

Linear Equations with unknowns on both sides

Translations, Rotations and Reflections

Geometrical relationships and Pythagoras’ theorem

Central Tendency and Spread

Compound Units

Mathematical Models

Summer Ratio

Graphs of Linear Functions

Congruence and Scale Drawing

Dividing quantities into ratios

Linear Equations: Graphically and Algebraically



Diagrams and Constructions

Using graphs to solve equations

Pythagoras’ theorem and Trigonometry in right angled triangles

Mathematical Relationships