Ofsted quote “The well planned lessons motivate pupils; this encourages very good relationships and attitudes towards the subject.”

As a department, we ensure every student is given the opportunity to enjoy music lessons through a variety of learning activities. We aspire to develop their skills and interest through individual, group and class activities in performing, composing and listening skills. A wide range of styles are covered to encourage pupils to appreciate music from different eras as well as parts of the world. All pupils are encouraged to use musical vocabulary. All classes have one hour of music each week.

Years 7 to 8 are taught in tutor groups.

Year 9 is divided into four mixed ability groups.

Year 7 –continue with many of the skills learned in the previous year and are encouraged to take more responsibility in improving their skills in more challenging topics – composing a children’s counting song, learning part of a classical piece of music and personalizing this, understanding time signatures through listening, performing and composing activities and understanding scales.

Year 8 – develop their understanding of chords on a variety of instruments – keyboard, pitched instruments and through learning guitar skills. In addition, new scales are learned and together with chords, these are used to produce performances and compositions in World Music. Pupils are encouraged to work in groups and develop skills in supporting each other, communicating and evaluating work continuously.

Year 9 – using skills learned in previous years, pupils perform and compose using more challenging devices, 20th century techniques and range of genre. These include Reggae music, Minimalism, Ground Bass and Popular Music etc.

Instrumental opportunities

We have 9 visiting Peripatetic Music Teachers who teach a wide range of instruments including orchestral percussion, guitar, keyboard, piano and drum kit. Lessons are weekly and are taught during the school day. Pupils are encouraged to attend orchestra. We are fortunate to have a Steel Pan teacher who teaches large groups both at lunchtime and during a dedicated lesson.

Extra-curricular activities

Throughout the year, pupils are encouraged to attend the many music clubs during lunch time. These clubs change from term to term in order to give pupils a range of opportunities. The choir runs throughout the year. There are also small instrumental groups, taster sessions for pupils who want to try instruments, rock bands and mixed performing groups.

We have a thriving orchestra which meets every Tuesday before school. All pupils who play orchestral instruments are encouraged to attend ranging from beginner to higher grades.

During the year, pupils have opportunities to be involved in a range of music activities : Battle of the Bands, Orchestral workshops and Singing days in the family of schools, talent competitions and other events to which we are invited to perform.

These are the extra-curricular activities available during the 2016-2017 academic year:


We have performed Wizard of Oz, Bugsy Malone, Billy Elliott (as part of their 10 year celebrations), Peter Pan, and Oliver.

Campus links

We have strong links with our College with invitations to musical matinees, GCSE taster sessions and pupil premium workshops using local theatres.

Many pupils attend theatre and performance groups in the local area.

Some of Our Strengths as a Department

– Pupils are engaged in lessons and enjoy music.

– Instrumental examinations – pass rate is excellent.

– Teaching and learning expertise in the department.

– Pupils perform in the community and are complimented and recognized for their high skills level and competency.

Examples of Students Work

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9