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Science is an amazing and fun subject and we endeavour in every lesson to provide concepts and ideas to stimulate enthusiasm and excitement for all of our students. We do this through a range of teaching and learning strategies; including discussion, theory work and mostly during practical investigations.

We have rearranged our KS3 curriculum to enable an early GCSE start at the Easter of y9. This will help our pupils to get into the right frame of mind and get a head start into their GCSE courses. In year 10 and 11, we will run three GCSE courses; triple, double and an Entry Level Certificate – pupils will be directed to the course that will best suit their skills and academic needs.

As an extra-curricular activity we also run a lunchtime Science Homework Club on a Tuesday and a Science Club on a Wednesday for year 7, year 8 and 9, where we further explore the experiments within science.

As part of our commitment to developing our pupils we are also running a selected Triple Science Scheme; that involves after school sessions to explore and develop the skills and students ready for the rigours of GCSE Triple Science. There will also be some specific trips and visits aimed to stimulate the pupils grasp of How Science Works in an out of school context.