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The focus in this course is developing skills and techniques including working with pencil, crayon, pastel, collage, printing, sculpture and paint. Having developed new skills, you will use them to produce final outcomes which reflect a personal approach to a given theme. GCSE Art is flexible and stimulates creativity, offering a high degree of choice.


Exam Board: AQA

The course consists of two units, a coursework project and an exam. Over the duration of the course you will produce a portfolio of work from two or more projects that reflects a personal or centre-advised starting point. It is worth 60% and is completed by Christmas of Year11.

 The exam involves approximately 10 weeks of preparation time during which you will individually research, plan and develop ideas for your own personal response to a starting-point set by the exam board. You will then be required to produce a final piece in a ten hour supervised exam over a two week period. It is worth 40% and is completed by Easter of Year 11.