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Creative Studies (Materials) Craft Award Level 2

Unit 1:  Exploring Craft and Enterprise Skills

This unit will involve undertaking practical tasks using a range of tools and equipment, learning how they work, and being able to record how they have been used.  It will also involve gathering information and presenting it in the form of graphs and posters.

Unit 2:  Research and Develop Design Ideas for Craft Work

This unit is about using sketching, model-making and ICT to demonstrate good quality design ideas.  It will involve creating 3D models in a variety of materials.

Unit 3:  Responding to a Craft Brief:

 This unit is carried out under timed conditions, and involves preparing designs from a brief that will be set by the exam board.  There will be a need to conduct research, consider materials and techniques needed to make a final product, costings as well as presentation of final suitable design ideas for a product.

Unit 4:  Produce final Craft Work:

This unit involves using the craft skills learned to produce a final product of high standard.  Students will demonstrate their competency in working with a variety of tools and techniques.


Exam Board: NCFE

Each of the four units is graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction, and then an overall grade is awarded based upon an average of these units.  Unit 3 includes 15 hours of work carried out under exam conditions, and is externally assessed.