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Design & Technology GCSE

Design and Technology is purposeful, as well as being fun and exciting! Studying GCSE Design and Technology will build on what you learnt about designing and making in Key Stage 3. You will use your knowledge and skills to design and make new and better solutions to real problems – on your own and with others – working with materials you choose. You will look at the work of famous designers and design movements, and incorporate this in your own project work. You will also have the opportunity to study specialist technical principles in greater depth.


Exam board: AQA

The course consists of two units, a coursework project and an exam. The coursework project will begin during Year 10. It will be a ‘design and make’ task. The assessment criteria will be broken down into the following categories; Investigating, designing, making, analysing and evaluating. This is worth 50% to be completed by February of Year 11.

The exam involves a two hour written paper where you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge of core technical principles, specialist technical principals and designing and making principles. This is also worth 50%.