Digital Technologies Course Content

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Digital Technologies Technical Award Level 2

The qualification develops the following knowledge, understanding and skills:

  • Types of application software and networks
  • Personal risks when using the internet and compliance with laws that affect the use of digital technologies
  • Explore appropriate digital communication channels for specified target audience
  • Development of technical skills in creating creative digital content for communication, including animations, social media, videos, websites
  • Explore types of different file formats and their use
  • Explore methods of collecting reliable primary and secondary data
  • Investigate how software is used in data processing and management
  • Plan, design and implement databases to store and analyse data.


Awarding body: City & Guilds

To gain this qualification, candidates must successfully achieve the following assessments:

  • One externally set, externally moderated assignment.
  • One externally set, externally marked exam, sat under examination conditions.

The qualification is graded Pass/Merit/Distinction