Drama Course Content

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Drama GCSE

The course aims to develop:

  • an understanding and response to a wide range of play texts and an ability to communicate the authors intentions to an audience.
  • an awareness of social, historical and cultural contexts of play texts.
  • increased self and group awareness and the ability to appreciate and evaluate the work of others.
  • skills of creativity, self-confidence, concentration, self-discipline and communication.


Exam Board: AQA

Assessment is broken down into the following areas:

Practical Coursework – 60%

  • Marks are awarded on the practical examination of performance.
  • Marks are awarded on their practical preparation and rehearsal process.
  • Marks are also awarded for their written records on their development of acting skills and responses to final performance (portfolio).

Written Examination Paper – 40%

At the end of Year 11 a written paper is taken which tests the candidate on three areas:

  • Understanding of drama and theatre terminology
  • The study of a set play – from the point of view of a performer.
  • The study of a live production seen during the course.