Drama Legacy Specification

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Drama GCSE

Assessed content:

Students will need to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • Different genres, performance styles and conventions; your ability to select, interpret and employ them in the range of scripts and stimuli studied through your own work
  • How drama language, signs and symbols of theatre are used to communicate dramatic meaning and atmosphere and show these in your own work
  • How to reflect on and analyse your own and others’ work, taking action where appropriate to improve it.

The course emphasises the application of knowledge and skills. Assessment Objectives relate to the creation of practical drama, informed by knowledge and understanding of varied texts, scripts, genres, styles and conventions as outlined in the specification content.

The course is intellectually, emotionally and physically demanding and is definitely not suitable for those students looking for an easy option.

Additional information:

Throughout the GCSE Drama programme, you will be encouraged to collaborate with others, engaging in stimulating and creative activities with confidence. These fundamental cooperative, collaborative and social skills are useful across all kinds of disciplines, careers and life experiences in general.