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History GCSE

Conflict and Tension (1918-39): The Origins of the Second World War.* This unit will include studying the Treaty of Versailles; the League of Nations; Hitler’s Foreign Policy; and Appeasement.

The USA: Opportunity and Inequality (1920-1973), which will cover life during The ‘Roaring Twenties’; Prohibition and Gangsters; Flappers; Immigration; the Ku Klux Klan; the Great Depression and the New Deal; Recovery; the ‘American Dream’; McCarthy Witch Hunts; Rock ‘n’ Roll; Civil Rights

Britain: Health and the People (c. 1000 AD to today), covering the legacy of the Ancient World; Medieval Medicine; the Black Death; ‘Quack’ methods of treatment, Vaccination, Germ Theory, a surgical revolution, Public Health during the Nineteenth Century, modern treatment, pharmaceuticals, Penicillin, the impact of the Second World War; National Health Service, 21st century Medicine.

Elizabethan England (c. 1568-1603) within which you will study Elizabeth’s court; the marriage question; the ‘Golden Age’; the poor during the Elizabethan Age; English sailors, such as Hawkins, Drake, and Raleigh; the Religious Settlement; Mary, Queen of Scots; and the Spanish Armada. This will include learning about a Historical Environment, which in 2020 will be the English Channel.

*This will be studied in year 9 during your History lessons.


Exam board: AQA

For this GCSE, there are two examination units – each worth 50% of the final grade.

Both exams are 1hr 45min long. They include source/interpretation questions, a range of low and high mark questions, and essay questions in each unit.

Every student will sit the same examination paper.