Media Studies GCSE Course Content

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Media Studies GCSE

In Media Studies you will explore the following industries:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Advertising
  • Film marketing & promotion
  • Websites & social media
  • The music industry & music videos
  • Television
  • Video Games
  • Radio

We study various theorists, approaches and case studies to understand how these industries work.


Exam Board: Eduqas

For this GCSE, there are two examinations (worth 35% each) as well as a Controlled Assessment project (worth 30%)

The examinations are based on using case studies analysed in class, with some unseen material to assess your ability to analyse new texts. There are both short questions, and longer essay style questions on both exams.

The Controlled Assessment entails researching, planning and creating a still image (e.g. magazine cover, print advert) or moving image (e.g. TV sequence, music video) product.