Music Course Content

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Music GCSE

Performing:  You will be required to perform one solo piece and one ensemble. You will develop your skills during your own practice time and within lessons. Pieces will be recorded and a written appraisal will accompany your performances. Pieces are marked by the class teacher during the live performance and then externally moderated.

Composing:  You will compose two pieces; a free piece of your own and another based on a brief published at the beginning of Year 11. You will be taught how to compose your own tunes, songs and instrumental pieces, using music technology.  You will look into exploring your own creativity when composing music by listening to different styles of music. A written appraisal will also accompany your compositions.

Listening:  You will learn about many of the different styles of music. You will answer questions on different music styles, musical terminology and techniques. Within this exam there will be two study pieces that you will look at in depth.


Exam Board: AQA

Performing – 30%: A solo and ensemble piece, recorded after March in Year 11 and assessed by the teacher.

Composing – 30%: Two compositions, recorded and assessed by the teacher.

Listening – 40%: A 1hour 30 min exam with questions based on the areas of study covered in class.