Physical Education Legacy Specification

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Physical Education GCSE

Method of assessment

GCSE PE is split into two units: Theory and Practical

Unit 1 (Theory) is assessed by 2 x 1 hour 15 minute written exams. This will contribute 60% of the final grade.

Topic 1: The human body and movement in physical activity and sport.Topic 2:. Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport.

What will you study?

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Movement Analysis
  • Physical Training
  • Use of data
  • Sports psychology
  • Socio-cultural influences
  • Health, fitness & well-being

You will need to be in higher sets for Science and English to be successful at this element.

Unit 2 (Practical) is assessed in two sections and contributes to 40% of the final grade.

Section 1: 30% Practical performance  in which your personal performance is assessed in three sports, one in a team, one as an individual and the third can be either.

Section 2: 10% Analysis of performance in which you display the ability to assess, evaluate and improve performance.

You will need to be a reasonably proficient practical performer and have the determination to attend extra-curricular clubs and activities to further improve your practical skills. We may also call upon you to use your time and leadership skills to work with younger students in their extra-curricular clubs.

GCSE PE is taught through separate theory and practical lessons

There is more weighting on the theory element as there is only a 30% assessment based on your own practical performance. It is important that you are aware that in the theory lessons, you will be expected to research each topic area further and in more detail through homework tasks.

The other GCSE lessons are practical, in which you will cover a range of sports, giving you a broad base of activities to choose from for your three practical performances.

GCSE PE will offer you the opportunity to develop your skills in and understanding of a wide range of sports and activities and will help you to improve your personal performance. You will develop your leadership and communication skills as well as your ability to work as a team.

GCSE PE can be a stepping stone to A Level PE and University Sports Degrees but also to a wide range of further studies or employment in the leisure industry or sports coaching.