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Psychology GCSE

There are six main topics;

  • Criminal Behaviour – are criminals born or made?
  • Development – how a child’s mind develops over time
  • Psychological Disorders – schizophrenia and depression
  • Social Influence – obedience, conformity, crowds, pro and anti-social behaviour
  • Memory – reasons for remembering and forgetting
  • Sleep and Dreaming – why we sleep and why we dream.

Within all of the topics, we study research methods and you’ll also carry out your own investigations as part of this. Neuropsychology (study of the brain) features in all of the topics too.


Exam board: OCR

For this GCSE, there are two examination units – each worth 50% of the final grade.

Both exams are 1hr 30min long. They include multiple choice questions, source questions, a range of low and high mark questions, and one essay on each unit.