Sport Level 2

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Sport Cambridge National Level 2

Whether you want a career in sport or just want a qualification that is widely recognised by universities and employers then a PE course is for you. Sport qualifications offer you the chance to develop a wide range of highly desirable, transferable skills through practical means. They demonstrate your ability to work as part of a team, improve social skills and show you understand how to live a healthy lifestyle. Students who opt for a Sports course develop their personal skills including communication, leadership and confidence. Career opportunities and further education courses may include; teaching, sports coaching, physiotherapist, sports psychologist, employment in the leisure industry and sports journalism. Furthermore, despite the courses being assessed mainly through examination or coursework, the practical elements are a chance to get a break from all the theory you may have in other subjects.

There are two courses to pick from – GCSE PE or Nationals in Sport. Read through the information on both courses to see which one you feel you are best suited to.