Textiles GCSE

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Textiles Design (Art & Design) GCSE

Art and Design equips students with the skills to enjoy, produce and engage with the visual arts throughout their lives, and it has immense value as a GCSE subject.

Textile Design is a versatile practice that involves the creation, selection, manipulation and application of a range of materials such as fibres, yarns and fabrics, and processes such as weaving, knitting, stitching and printing to create designs and products. Textile designers work in multi-disciplinary ways to create ideas, materials and techniques for different applications. Textile designers also play an important role in the world of fashion, theatre, performance and retail.

You will learn to:

  • apply a creative approach to problem solving
  • consider and develop original ideas from initiation to realisation
  • analyse critically their own work and the work of others
  • express individual thoughts and choices confidently
  • take risks, experiment and learn from mistakes.