Textiles Course Content

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Textiles Design (Art & Design) GCSE

The students must demonstrate integrated knowledge, understanding and skills. Work is not limited to one area of study and students could develop work in at least one of the following areas of study; Constructed textiles, Dyed fabrics, Printed fabrics, Fashion design, Soft furnishings, Stitched and/or embellished textiles.

Component 1: Personal portfolio

  • Students will work within the title ‘Textile Design’.
  • Students will create a personal portfolio of work that demonstrates the knowledge, understanding and skills of Textile Design through practical applications.
  • This component allows students opportunities to:
    • develop and explore ideas
    • research primary and contextual sources
    • experiment with media, materials, techniques and processes
    • present personal responses to themes set by the teacher.

Component 2: Externally set assignment ; 10 hours focused task

The Externally Set Assignment (ESA) represents the culmination of the GCSE course as it draws together all the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in Component 1.

  • Students must present personal response(s) to an externally set broad-based thematic starting point, set by the exam board.

The ESA paper will be released on 2 January each year is given to the students as soon as it is released.


Exam board: EdExcel

  • Component 1: Personal Portfolio (internally set) 60%
  • Component 2: Externally Set Assignment 40%