Textiles Legacy Specification

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Textiles Design (Art & Design) GCSE

What will you study?

GCSE Textile Technology is a course aimed at students who wish to explore their creativity and problem solving skills.

The course will develop and build on your existing knowledge and skills learnt throughout KS3 and will also introduce new skills, techniques and technologies through a series of challenges, mini projects and experiments.

During Yr10, you will learn about a range of decorative techniques, textile product construction and materials and components used in textile design and manufacture. You will be expected to produce a portfolio of resources made through research, practical sampling and experimenting. This will run alongside two design and make projects. A research and design folder will need to be completed to support the practical work produced.

You will explore and experiment with a range of both traditional and modern fabrics, fibres, dyes and printing techniques. You will learn construction, shaping and finishing processes and learn how to transform your ideas into 2D drawings and then into a finished product.

How will you be assessed?

In Year 11 the primary focus will be on an independent controlled assessment which carries 60% of the final GCSE mark. This brief is set by the exam board and students will need to produce a portfolio (usually done as an A3 Power Point) which includes, research, design work, experimentation, analysis and evaluation. In addition to this you will produce a practical solution to the brief. You can opt to direct your studies towards fashion or interior textiles design.

Once this project is complete you will focus on the two part textile exam. This will account for 40% of the marks awarded for the GCSE.