Art & Design and Design & Technology at Wigston Academy

The ADT department at Wigston Academy aims to provide a creative and inspirational environment, intended to encourage our pupils to express themselves and develop their skills using a variety of materials and mediums.

Our projects are designed to allow access for pupils of all abilities.  As they progress through the school, we offer opportunities for each individual to experience and explore a wide range of tools, processes and techniques. Pupils will combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products that meet peoples’ needs. They will learn to think creatively, solving problems as individuals and as members of a team.

Throughout their time at Wigston Academy pupils will gain experience in a variety of areas covered by ADT. These include;

Art & Design

Food Technology (Food Preparation & Nutrition)

Textiles Technology

Product Design (including Resistant Materials)

Systems & Control/Electronics

We believe that an on-going Art education must combine exploration of the world and work of Artists, and also the opportunity to experience as wide a range of practical challenges, materials, techniques and skills as time will allow.  Different year groups attempt different projects.   Starting points may highlight the social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness of the world today whilst other projects aim to generate responses to the natural or man- made world around us.  In ADT we are keen to encourage cross curricular links.  Wherever possible, our projects have elements of Numeracy, Literacy, Science and/or ICT built into them.

In ADT pupils have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of new and exciting materials and mediums, and use this experience to expand their knowledge and achieve excellent outcomes. We also emphasise the importance of good preparation and the influence and impact which this can have on their designs and final products. Therefore, we expect our pupils to

  • be prepared to listen and learn in every lesson.
  • arrive with the correct equipment.
  • complete all homework tasks which have been set, to an appropriate standard.

Year 6 Homework Task Examples

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Year 9 Homework Task Examples

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Examples of ADT Work

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