Digital Media

Digital Media

ICT Digital Media is a new ICT course for Years 7, 8 and 9 that started in Autumn 2007. The course consists of a 10 week block of double lessons, using the ADT sets and placed in the ADT rotation block of the timetable. This is a new and exciting ICT course, with an emphasis on creativity, fun and new technologies. The course takes place in the new ICT3 suite.

Learning Maps for Digital Media

Year 7

Using Kahootz Students create a short trailer for an animated dinosaur film using the Kahootz 3D animation program.
Using Windows Movie Maker Students use Windows Movie Maker to create a sequence of photographs, adding titles, transitions, effects and music to advertise a country.
Using Scratch Students use Scratch to create simple interactive games.
Using Photoshop Students use Adobe Photoshop to warp images of celebrities and then use Comic Life to create a ‘Guess the Celebrity’ style quiz sheet.
Stop Motion Animation Students use the Frames software and Lego models to create a short animated video using stop motion animation.

Year 8

Using Fireworks & Photoshop Students create a logo for a restaurant using Adobe Fireworks. They use a background image, and then add text, the logo and other graphics to create a glossy photo advertisement for their restaurant.
Using MissionMaker Students learn how to use the MissionMaker software to create a 3D adventure game. Next, they create a project based on solving a game that has four levels of puzzles. Finally, they create a DVD cover for their game using Photoshop or Serif PagePlus.
Using Podium Students work in pairs to create a podcast for a radio show about sport, fashion, leisure or film.
Using Photoshop & Premiere Students use Photoshop to create a set of visual puns. Then they import these into Premiere to create a video sequence of their work.

Extra units which can be amended to go into Year 7 or Year 8 depending on time

E-safety Students look at some of the issues surrounding e-safety and compile a piece of work to put the e-safety message across e.g. video, comic, photo story, and poster.
Creating a comic Students use the Comic Life software program to create a comic using the Comic Life clipart bank.

Year 9

Using Google SketchUp Students are introduced to using Google SketchUp to create 3D images. They design their ideal living room. Sometimes students also build a house.
Using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects Students create a vector graphic of an animal in Adobe Illustrator. The image is imported into Adobe After Effects and the puppet tool is used to animate the animal.
Using Flash Task 1: Students use Flash to create some Julian Opie inspired images.

Task 2: Students create a dress up doll interactive drag and drop game.

Using Scratch Students use the Scratch program to re-create the game of Pong.
GameMaker Students use the GameMaker software program to create a simple 2D game.
Using Adobe Photoshop Students use the Adobe Photoshop program to create a zombie movie poster. Sometimes they also create a Western wanted poster and then animate it in Adobe Premiere.