GCSE Child Development

GCSE Child Development

Course details

This GCSE is studied for 5 hours per fortnight. It consists of two controlled assessments. A research task in Year 10, which will account for 20% of the final GCSE grade. In Year 11, students will complete a Child Study which has a 40% weighting and an exam which contains a range of question styles from all of the topics studies during the course, which also has a 40% weighting.

During the course you will study the following topics:
  • Parenthood
  • Pregnancy
  • Diet, health and care of the child
  • Development of the child
  • Support for the parent and child
Aims of the course
  • To understand how life begins and a child develops and changes throughout their childhood
  • To develop an understanding of human needs within society including how we can help to provide a safe environment for children
  • To have knowledge of relevant technological and scientific developments in reproduction and child health care
  • To develop a critical approach to decision making
  • To examine issues that affect the quality of human life
Course Text Book

It is advisable to purchase a text book which will help with revision and tips on how to complete controlled assessment.

Collins GCSE Home Economics Child Development Janet Stearns and Mark Walsh ISBN:9780007350568

If you are considering teaching, Midwifery or the Child Care profession, this is an ideal building block for you.

To prepare for this course, you may find it useful to build a bank of resources such as articles from newspapers and magazines on

  • Pregnancy
  • Contraception
  • Child Nutrition
  • Families
  • Child Safety
Where might it lead me?
  • A level Health and Social Care.
  • BTEC Diploma in Children’s Care Learning and Development.
  • Child Care Apprenticeship
Suggested Reading
  • Your baby month by month Adobe Book ISBN. 9781405325356
  • NHS Choices.co.uk




-childhood illness

-pre conceptual care




Collecting magazine and newspaper articles about weaning, child development, childhood illness etc.

Suggested Watching
  • One Born Every Minute
  • Children’s hospital
  • Documentaries such as the Secret Life of a 4 year Old
  • Documentaries on children, families and child development
How you will be assessed?
  • 1 Research Controlled Assessment (20%)
  • 1 Child Observation Assessment 40%)
  • 1 Exam Paper (40%)
How this will help you at post-16
  • A Level Health and Social Care at Wigston College if a grade B in GCSE Child Development is secured
  • Level 3 Courses can be completed in Child Care at Leicester College, South Leicester College and Brooksby College
  • Apprenticeships as advertised on the apprenticeship website such as local nurseries.