GCSE Dance

GCSE Dance

Course details

Throughout this exciting new GCSE dance course to be first taught in 2016, students will learn the art of performing and choreographing dance in a variety of dance styles. Students will also study professional dance works and there will be opportunities to view live dance at the theatre. Students will learn about safe practise to develop a greater understanding of being a healthy performer.

Although contemporary dance remains the predominant dance style, this course is more versatile than the previous GCSE and allows more opportunities for students to study beyond contemporary dance.

This course is made up of 3 components

Choreography (30%)

Students will need to choreograph a dance lasting two to two and a half minutes based on a stimulus. The choreography can be in any style but must use clear motif development and a range of actions, space and dynamics. This work will be marked by both your teacher and a visiting examiner.

Performance (30%)

Students will take part in 2 performances: a short solo performance of three motifs set by the exam board and one duo/trio set by your teacher. This work will be marked by both your teacher and a visiting examiner.

Dance appreciation (40%)

The written examination will involve analysing professional dance pieces and showing an understanding of performance skills, movement components and safe practise.

Other things to get involved with
  • All dance students are given the opportunity to take part in extra curricular clubs in a variety of dance styles including tap, musical theatre and contemporary.
  • The musical is always exciting and offers a challenge for dancers and other performing artists.
  • The dance showcase is a platform to show off class and individual work, all year 10’s are expected to take part. The next dance showcase is 26th/27th November in the college main hall.
  • We often have professional artists in to work with our dance students, this broadens repertoire and improves technique.
  • Theatre trips regularly take place to see curriculum based work.
  • Annually we visit London for a residential trip. This involves fun workshops and theatre visits and helps students to understand more about the life of a professional dancer.
How this will help you at Post-16

Students gain a sound knowledge and understanding of Dance whilst gaining confidence and improving technical skills. This course provides a solid foundation for a career in dance or performing arts and/or further studies in dance or performing arts. The content leads nicely onto key stage five courses such as A-level Dance, BTEC level 3 Dance or BTEC level 3 Musical Theatre.

How else will this course benefit you?

Students choosing this course will develop technical and expressive dance skills as well as becoming more creative through choreographic workshops and socially interactive with others through group work. They will develop analytical skills which will be useful in a number of other subjects and will gain confidence and improved self-esteem which will benefit them both professionally and socially.