GCSE Leisure and Tourism

GCSE Leisure and Tourism

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Leisure and Tourism

The course has two elements:

  • Understanding the Leisure and Tourism industries
  • Moving forward in Leisure and Tourism
Understanding the Leisure and Tourism Industries

This examination unit allows students to understand the broad nature of these two industries.

They have the opportunity to learn about the seven components of these businesses:

Entertainment (cinema, ten pin bowling, theatre, restaurants etc.)

Visitor Attractions (themed parks, amusement park etc.)

Cultural (stately homes, castles, museums)

Leisure (sports centres, health clubs, indoor winter sports etc. )

Accommodation (hotel, hostel. B and B, holiday park, campsite etc.)

Travel (airline, rail operator, car hire, cruise, ferry etc.)

Tourism (travel agent, tour operator, guiding and information service)

Students will also learn about employment in these businesses and how they operate.

Learning about twenty five destinations around the world is another opportunity for students who study this GCSE.

The piece of controlled assessment is

Moving forward in Leisure and Tourism

This is a study of Parklands Leisure Centre or another leisure business.

Following a visit, students write up their findings about:

the type of facility, the type of customers it attracts and how they market themselves; the products and services available to customers and how satisfied these customers are.

They also develop ideas for new products or services and produce a piece of promotional material for their chosen project.

How you will be assessed

For this GCSE course students will have a written exam (40% of total GCSE grade) and a piece of controlled assessment where students have 6 hours planning, 22 hours research time and 17 hours writing up time (60% of total GCSE grade).

The controlled assessment is based on a leisure business in recent years this has been a leisure centre, but it could be an amusement park, cinema or theme park.

Students studying this vocational subject have in recent years achieved great success, many going on to further study or great jobs in this area.

2015 Results

Students achieved 20% above the national average for this subject.

How this will help you at Post-16

You will be able to study AS Leisure Studies here at Wigston College. Some students will want to further develop their experience of this vocational area at Further Education College or go into employment.

You could also use it to apply for other Level 3 Courses both at Wigston College or at Further Education colleges such as South Leicestershire College.

Many of our former students now work in the leisure and tourism industries both locally and nationally. Some work in travel agents or are travel representatives, some in hotels and hospitality business, while others work in sports centres or are qualified coaches.