General Information

General Information

Structure of the Course

French is taught in modules and pupils learn how to listen, speak, read and write in French.

There are five lessons per cycle for pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Initially pupils are taught in their tutor groups and they are then put into sets according to their assessment results.

Lessons are conducted frequently in the target language and include songs, games, pair work and group work.


Pupils are encouraged to learn about the geography of France and French culture. They have the opportunity to correspond with pupils in France, through the links we have with several schools in France. The scheme is very popular and levels of excitement are always high when we receive letters, cards and even DVDs prepared by our friends in France. The school holds the International School Award from the British Council which recognises our work and links with schools abroad.


Class work and homework are marked and graded according to the Wigston Academy Feedback Policy. There are regular vocabulary tests as well as formal end of module tests for each year group at least once per term.

Rewarding Pupil Achievement

Stamps and stickers are used to encourage effort in languages, both in classwork and homework.


French homework is set regularly. This may involve vocabulary learning, reading or writing tasks or speaking practice. Pupils may also be asked to use the internet to practise / extend their French or complete research tasks.

During the course of the year, Year 7 and 8 pupils are provided with a printed homework booklet at the beginning of each module of work. These booklets contain reading and writing exercises to be completed, as well as a list of the vocabulary and phrases to be learnt.

Equipment / Resources

There are six language classrooms across the academy, which are equipped with a digital projector and an interactive white board.

Within the department we use a wide variety of resources such as….

Interactive whiteboard materials
Powerpoint presentations
Games and puzzles
Reading cards
Matching cards

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