How to help your child learn French

How to help your child learn French

1. Homework – Vocabulary

Your child will have many words and phrases to learn during his / her French course at Wigston Academy and he / she will have several vocabulary tests each term. A few minutes spent each day will help your child remember the words over a longer period of time.

You could offer to help them learn the vocabulary:
e.g. “Spell the word for….”
• Is that word un or une?
• “Teach me the words that you have to learn”
• Encourage your child to use the “Look, cover, write, check” method.

2. A dictionary

It would be very useful for your child to have a good bi-lingual dictionary at home to use as reference for homework. The Collins Easy Learning French-English Dictionary is ideal and this is the one we use in school.

We would be grateful if you would encourage your child to use the dictionary, not an on-line translator as these are of little benefit and result in written work which does not always make sense.

3. On-line

We always encourage pupils to consolidate and extend their learning in their own time.

There are many good, useful websites which can help with revision or simply allow pupils to enjoy some fun activities in French. Details of these can be found on the “Useful links” page.

4. Equipment

Pupils should always come to lessons with his / her exercise books, planner, a pen, a pencil, a ruler and, for pupils in Year 7 and 8, their homework booklet.

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