Behaviour System Letter to Parents

Dear Parent/Carer,

The start of a new school year is a busy, exciting and sometimes daunting time for our students, particularly those new to the school. We sincerely hope that your children have returned full of enthusiasm, and an eagreness to learn after a relaxing and fun summer break. This is also a good time for us to remind all students of or very reasonable expectations regarding behaviour and, where appropriate, to implement new systems.

Behaviour Management

At the beginning of term, I presented to all students our new Behaviour for Learning system which we are implementing at the academy. This is a very simple series of expectations for classroom behaviour to which all students must adhere. These expectations will be displayed clearly in all areas of the academy and, we feel certain you will agree they set out a strong framework for an orderly and well managed learning environment.

Our Behaviour for Learning, classroom expectations are as follows:

• Arrive to lessons on time.
• Wear full school uniform in the correct way.
• No chewing, eating or drinking in class (except water).
• No inappropriate language.
• Bring correct equipment / kit to lessons and be ready to learn.
• No mobile phones.
• Do not disrupt others by talking when the teacher is speaking.

A range of consequences and sanctions are in place for students who do not uphold these simple and achievable expectations. Your child can expect to receive a lunchtime or after school detention if this is the case. This system does not replace the other sanctions that may be used by the school for persistent breaches in our code of conduct, but is intended as a means of ensuring that all students arrive in class ready to learn and to do their best.

On the reverse of this letter is a copy of the poster that is displayed in all teaching areas. You may wish to discuss this with your child.

Health and Safety

As parents will be aware, we currently have a range of building works impacting on the academy. As well as the extension work between the two sites, we are also in the process of replacing the windows at site A. These are all exciting developments that will have a tremendous impact on our environment. However, as a result of these works, there is no capacity for a turning circle on the Site A driveway, this is making the area very dangerous at the start and end of the day as a few parents continue to use this area to drop off and collect students. For that reason and until the building works are complete, can we ask that parents please do not use the site A driveway to drop off or collect students. We would ask instead that you arrange to drop off and collect your child(ren) at an appropriate, safe place nearby.

We appreciate that this will cause some difficulty in a few cases but the safety and wellbeing of your children is our primary concern.

With thanks in anticipation of your support,

Ian Cox & Anne Miller
Co-Heads of School