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Almost every aspect of modern life involves some form of digital technology. This course focuses on raising studentS’ awareness of the technical aspects of digital technologies as well as enabling them to develop skills in a range of different software packages. It covers areas of modern communication including the use and implications of social media. If you are excited by modern computer technology and like to develop skills in a range of different software packages, you will really enjoy this course.


The qualification develops the following knowledge, understanding and skills:
Types of application software and networks
Personal risks when using the internet and compliance with laws that affect the use of digital technologies
Explore appropriate digital communication channels for specified target audience
Development of technical skills in creating creative digital content for communication, including animations, social media, videos, websites
Explore types of different file formats and their use
Explore methods of collecting reliable primary and secondary data
Investigate how software is used in data processing and management
Plan, design and implement databases to store and analyse data.


Awarding body: City & Guilds
To gain this qualification, candidates must successfully achieve the following assessments:
One externally set, externally moderated assignment.
One externally set, externally marked exam, sat under examination conditions.
The qualification is graded Pass/Merit/Distinction