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GCSE Geography Kingswood Trip 

GCSE Geography Kingswood Trip 

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to inform you of a trip I am planning for GCSE Geography students this academic year.

Part of your son/daughter’s Geography GCSE requires them to complete field work in a place away from the school grounds. I have chosen to complete a study on coastal erosion and I would like to take a trip to Norfolk on the east coast of England, which is a two night residential trip on 10th to 12th April 2019. It is highly desirable that your child attends this trip in order to achieve the highest grade possible in their GCSE. If your son/daughter cannot attend we will be completing a day trip to the Norfolk coastline in the summer term which will cover fieldwork skills.

On the visit students are roomed in separate buildings for boys and girls, with all food provided by the excellent Kingswood centre They will complete essential data collection activities for their GCSE. Students will also have the chance to take part in fun activities which help build team working skills and develop new skills. This trip is a crucial part of the GCSE course and will develop many skills that students will take into their future studies and jobs. It is a fantastic opportunity for your child and will make completing their exam much easier. Their fieldwork is integral to the GCSE and overall is worth 20% of their final grade in exam questions and can make a difference between a pass and a fail.

We will be asking for a contribution of £170 towards the cost of the trip which covers all the activities, food and travel on the trip, with the school covering the remaining costs for every student.  A £20 deposit is due before the 21st September to confirm your child’s place. (If this causes you financial hardship please contact me at the school.)

Each child who currently receives a free school meal is entitled to up to £150 extra funding for use solely on school visits each year.  If your child is eligible and you would like to use this funding (or part thereof) to help cover the cost of this trip then please contact Miss R Lloyd at school or via her email address

If you have any questions about this trip please do not hesitate to contact me at school, I am available most days after school and at lunch times.

Kind regards,

Mr Dixon

Head of Geography

Kingswood Geography Trip 2019

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