Letter to Parents

Dear Parent/Carer

You may be aware that following the tragic death of Measham schoolgirl Kayleigh Haywood, Leicestershire Police has made a film about the last few weeks of her life to raise awareness amongst children of the dangers of online grooming and child sexual exploitation (CSE).  The film has been made in liaison with Kayleigh’s family who are keen that as many children as possible view it.

A number of different agencies have been consulted by the police during the production process including head-teachers, CEOP – the national online protection agency, and staff from local agencies who work on the frontline to protect children from abuse and exploitation.

The British Board of Film Classification has advised that the film would carry a 15 certificate if it was to be shown as an advert in the cinema.  This is because your child would have no prior knowledge of the adverts they would see.  As you and your child are aware of the screenings in advance, the film has been deemed suitable for children aged 11 and over.  We intend to show your child this film at school in the weeks beginning 28th November and 5th December 2016. Specialist Police officers will be on hand to discuss any questions raised by the film.

To allow you the opportunity to see the film in advance of it being shown, we are holding screenings for parents only at 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Thursday 24th November 2016 in the main hall at Site B.  Please see the attached fact sheet for your information.

While it is not obligatory that your child sees the film, and you have the right to withdraw your child from the screening, in our view the film, while upsetting, is something that all children ought to see to ensure that they are sufficiently aware of online safety issues and CSE.  Please contact me at school by Friday 25th November 2016 if you wish to withdraw your child from the screening.

Yours faithfully,

N. Rigby (Miss)

Assistant Head-teacher


Further to the film screenings for parents earlier this evening, the students will see the film in tutor groups on the following days:


Tuesday 29th November Friday 2nd December Monday 5th December
All of Year 7

Year 8: 8CSt, 8CTi, 8GCa, 8GKa

Year 8:  8GYo, 8JDa, 8KWa, 8LJe, 8NAd, 8NCa, 8SJa, 8SLi

Year 9:  9AJo, 9DPh, 9ESp, 9FJa, 9JJo/CGu, 9KGo, 9KTo, 9Mr

Year 9:  9PPi/RPa, 9RPe, 9SMa, 9VMu

All of Year 10

Excel students