Letter to Parents

4th January 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy New Year!

I write to let you know about changes in staffing and also to let you know about new reception arrangements.

After 32 years, Mr Grace retired as deputy headteacher at Christmas. His contribution to education in Wigston has spanned generations and many young people and parents have valued his care and commitment. We are delighted to have been able to secure his ongoing services as a maths 1 to 1 tutor from January.  After 34 years, Mrs Gilroy also retired at Christmas and takes with her our best wishes, as do Mr Batchelor, a humanities teacher and Mrs Whittaker, Safe Worker for Year 10. Ms Rigby has stood down as an assistant headteacher but will remain at the Academy to teach modern languages.

We welcome Mr Mumford and Mr Billingham both as vice-principals; the first to lead on standards and achievement and the second to lead on quality assurance. Mrs Rossa joins us as an English teacher together with Mr Norris in maths, Mr Hallam in science, Mrs Mungovan in Excel and Mrs McManus in humanities. We also welcome back to humanities Mrs Sperring from maternity leave. The new safe worker for Year 10 is Miss Williamson.

There have been some changes to tutor groups to reflect new staffing and changes to the timetable:

Old Form Old tutor New form New tutor
8 LJe Mrs Jennings 8NRi Ms Rigby
8 NAd Mrs Addison / Mrs Robinson 8GBa Miss Barnacle / Miss Pocock
9 ESp Mrs Lloyd 9ESp Mrs Sperring & Mrs Addison
9 PPi Mr Picton 9 MRo Mrs Rossa
10 MBt Mr Bachelor 10 DNo Mr Norris
10 STh Mr Thatcher 10 CHa Mr Hallam

All students have been taken on a tour of the whole Academy. Now that departments have gone into particular areas, this means several tutor rooms have been changed. Your child will have had help finding their new rooms today.

Reception is now located at Site B. This is the only reception and it will be run by Mrs Mackey and Mrs Crofts. Site A reception has now closed. To get in touch with the Academy, please telephone 0116 2881228 and calls will be handled from there. If you want to get in touch with your child’s tutor, please ring this number.

Yours faithfully,

Ms A Miller