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Normandy French Trip 2019 – Key Information

Normandy French Trip 2019 – Key Information

Dates and time of departure:

Sunday 10th March 2019, 9am

Depart from Wigston College car park

Please ensure that pupils arrive at school from 8.15am but no later 8.30am

Dates and time of return

Saturday 16th March 2019, approx 5.30pm

Arrive at Wigston College car park

Please be prompt when picking up pupils.

We will text a more accurate arrival time en route. Please check that Mr Allen has the correct mobile contact number for you.

If your child is being picked up by another parent, please advise Mrs Chapman on the morning of departure.

Address and telephone number of the Chateau:

Château de la Baudonniere, Les Chambres 50320 La Haye-Pesnel, Normandie, France

Telephone: 00 33 (2) 33 60 46 95

Transport arrangements:

Coach transport with Pegasus UK Shuttles from school to destination, using the ferry to cross the Channel from Portsmouth – Caen with Brittany ferries.

Accommodation details:

10-14 bedded rooms

En-suite facilities

Pupils have had the choice of who they are with and will not be allowed to change rooms during the stay.

Regular night sleep is essential for pupils to perform at their best and they need to be sensitive to the needs of other pupils and act accordingly.  Lights out in the rooms will be approximately10.30 pm.


Pupils who suffer from travel sickness need to have taken medication if they require it.  They will also need to bring enough for the return journey, which should be clearly labelled with their name and dosage and handed in on the day of departure to the First Aider.

If your child needs to take any other regular medication during the week, please ensure that this is handed in, clearly labelled.

If your child needs to carry medication at all times eg an inhaler, please provide a spare in case of loss which should be handed in, clearly labelled  on the day of departure.  This information should have been provided on the ‘Medical and Consent Form’.

Food and drink:

For the journey to Normandy, your child will need to bring a packed lunch and enough Euros and English money for the motorway stops. Their evening meal will be on the ferry and they we will need £10 towards this.

Please do not send vast quantities of sweets, energy drinks, and NO CHEWING GUM PLEASE. Only bottled water is to be consumed on the coach.


Pupils will need Euros to spend on our excursion day. We will leave this to your discretion although we recommend no more than 30 – 50 Euros (it depends on the sort of present you want them to bring back for you)!  It is against the law for children to buy alcohol, tobacco products, flick knives, flick combs, firecrackers and other fireworks, and toys with laser beams.  Any items purchased during the trip which are deemed inappropriate or illegal will be confiscated and disposed of as appropriate.

We will ‘bank’ some of your child’s pocket money – this will be put in the safe at the centre.  There will be regular opportunities for them to collect their money during the stay.  We will collect this money from the pupils on the outward journey to Portsmouth.

Insurance arrangements:

The children’s individual medical cards (EHIC) should cover them for much of the medical care they could require.

In addition, we are covered by the school insurance.


We expect the highest standards of courtesy and behaviour at all times.  Each pupil will be under the supervision of a named adult at all times.  They are expected to act in a responsible manner at all times and to remember that they are to create a good impression whether they are in the bus, on the ferry, in the centre or visiting the sights.  We stress the need for cooperation from all pupils and that they respond quickly and positively to all staff requests.

There will be times during the visit when pupils have some time out of the ‘direct supervision’ of the staff and pupils will be expected to remain in groups of a minimum of three at all times.  Pupils will have to let their allocated member of staff know who they are with.  They will also be given clear instructions as to where they can go and what they can do and where and when they should report back to staff and it is important that they return promptly.  They will be issued with a small card  with important information and contact numbers in case they get lost and they will be told how and where to find help in an emergency.  They must never be on their own and must try to help each other if in any difficulty.

As this is a school visit, the usual school rules apply.  Any behaviour which does not meet the school’s expectations will result in sanctions being applied.

Code of Conduct:

All pupils will be expected to behave in an exemplary manner:

  1. To keep their bedrooms clean and tidy.
  2. To have impeccable table manners.
  3. To be polite and courteous at all times.
  4. To listen, and follow instructions when needed.
  5. To be quiet during bedtime hours and to remain in their bedrooms unless otherwise instructed.
  6. Children may not leave the establishment in which we are staying unless supervised by an adult from the school.
  7. Food and drink must not be consumed in bedrooms.
  8. Any damage to furniture, buildings, equipment and fittings must be paid for.
  9. Furniture and bedding must not be moved without permission.
  10. No running inside the building


  • Small ruck-sack for day-trips
  • Pencil case and pencils
  • Torch
  • Personal toiletries
  • One small and one large towel
  • Plastic bags for laundry
  • French/English dictionary
  • Games and books for the journey
  • Washbag: soap, shampoo, flannel, toothpaste, tooth brush, comb etc
  • Waterproof jacket or cagoule
  • Waterproof trousers if possible
  • 2 tracksuit bottoms
  • 2 sweatshirt/jumpers
  • 3 T-shirts
  • 2 shirts
  • 2 jeans/trousers
  • Gloves and a scarf (winter only!)
  • Lots of socks and underwear
  • Pyjamas/nightwear
  • Old clothes for wet and muddy activities
  • Old trainers for wet and muddy activities
  • Indoor shoes or slippers
  • Trainers or shoes
  • Wellington boots/walking boots
  • Fancy dress (French theme) and costumes for the talent show (optional)

In addition please remember any necessary medication and/or spares eg inhalers, with completed relevant form (if not already handed in)

Please do not pack too much as there is no room on the coach for LARGE suitcases. Pupils must bring a soft holdall.

Please remember that things can get lost so do not allow your child to take anything that is expensive or that your child really cares about. We will not accept any responsibility for personal items lost during the trip.

Pupils are not allowed mobile phones or any other device capable of accessing the Internet.