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This is clearly a challenging time for all, and we are aware that part of that challenge is to get your children to stay on top of their learning at home. Obviously, in school, we use rewards as a way of encouraging students to take their studies seriously and get work done. On that basis, we have set up a remote reward system that you and other adults in your family can use to encourage our students to do the right thing while they are at home with you. Starting next week, and continuing thereafter, you will be able to nominate your child or children at the end of each week if you think they have worked hard enough and behaved well enough to be one of our Wigston Stars. There is no limit to the number of nominations you can make over the weeks but no more than one per week please. It may help you to bear in mind our Trust values of resilience, ambition, responsibility, engagement and respect, when deciding how or when to reward your child. The idea is to use this reward system to get children to engage all day, and every day so you may find it helpful to have your own reward system across the week (awarding points, stickers, marbles in a jar) and perhaps saying that if your child gets a certain number you will nominate them for a school award. For more information on how to nominate your child or children please email us using and typing ‘Wigston Stars’ into the subject line. All of our Wigston Stars’ names will be kept on record and, when school is up and running as normal, all of these will be entered into a big prize draw. This also means that if a child has been good enough to receive multiple awards, then their name will go into the draw multiple times. In the meantime, please keep well and keep safe. Please find the link to the full letter below: Wigston Stars Letter