Wigston Academy Library

The library opening times:

Morning: 8.00am – 8.20am

Lunchtime: 12.05pm – 12.55pm

After school: 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Library Rules:

  • Please sign in to the library when entering.
  • Computers are for school work use only.
  • All students in the library are expected to be reading, drawing or working.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Library.
  • Clean up behind you.
  • Quiet voices to be used in the library.
  • No mobile phones allowed.
  • Do not enter after 12.45 please.
  • Students in the library during class periods without a teacher must have a pass.
  • If a book is lost or damaged when returned you will be charged for the cost of actual replacement of the book.

Students disrespecting the above rules may be asked to leave the Library and/or restricted from using the Library, other than when accompanied by a teacher, for a designated period of time.

School Shop

The following items are available to purchase from the school shop which is also located in the library.

Item Price
15cm White and clear rules 10p
30cm folding ruler 55p
30cm clear ruler 15p
30cm flexible ruler 50p
Protractor 5p
Berol Handwriting roller pen 25p
Berol Fountain cartridge pen £1.00
Ink cartridges (blue and black) 5p
Blue and black Edding pen 50p
Black biro pen 10p
Black, blue and red Papermate biro 15p
Ink eraser corrector pen 40p
Highlighter 15p
HB Pencil 10p
Glue stick (small) 30p
Glue stick (large) 40p
Helix Oxford rubber (Large) 15p
Study Time Helix rubber (Small) 5p
Pencil Grips 10p
Scissors 60p
Pencil Sharpeners 10p
Pack of coloured pencils x12 75p
Green, Black and blue pilot gel pen 35p
Signo coloured gel stick pen 35p
Small Casio calculator £2.80
Scientific Casio Calculator £7.30
Clear pencil case (small and long) 40p
Translucent pencil case 75p
Solid material pencil case £1.00
Black rubber pencil case £3.45