Wigston Academy Breakfast Club and Lunch Menus are created around food children love to eat, but with health and nutrition foremost in mind. The menus vary from day to day with choices of hot and cold dishes, vegetarian selection and fresh salad bar. We have tasting sessions for open evenings with a variety of food on offer.

We encourage parents who send packed lunches to keep to the healthy eating policy that the school provides, e.g. no crisps, chocolate or cans of fizzy drinks in their lunch box. All food eaten should be eaten in the dining room only. We hope to run more theme days such as the Italian day in the near future. The French breakfast club proved a big success and was enjoyed by all.

The Wigston Academy Breakfast Club is also a great success with more children joining us each day between 7.50am and 8.20am to enjoy toast, cereals, fruit, yoghurts, bacon and sausage baps together with hot and cold drinks.

Finger Tip Payment System – ‘Money on your finger!’

Smart cards have now been replaced by a biometric system.

Cash can be placed into the machine outside the dining room at break and lunch, please note the pay point does NOT accept 1, 2 or 5 pence pieces. Cheques can be given to the office before the end of break to be registered in time for lunch.

The key aim of the cashless catering system is to make lunch time more efficient and exciting for the students in our school and to remove the need for them to carry money. Our cashless catering vending does not require a student to carry a swipe card. It is quick and simple to use and the benefits are clear to the pupils.

At the point of payment the student places their finger on the fingertip scanner, and once successfully verified by the Catering Point of Sale Operator, their account is debited.

There are key reasons why our cashless catering is a clear winner for both the student and the school:

* It will enable the students to be served more efficiently and quickly and keep queues to a minimum,

* It will ensure complete confidentiality for students entitled to free school meals,

* It is a unique verification. No one else can use the student’s fingertip,

* It will help to prevent bullying, by ensuring that students do not need to carry cash to school,

* It will ensure that money provided by parents to pay for schools meals is used only for that purpose.

* It will provide parents with the knowledge of what their child is eating at lunchtime,

Importantly, for parents who do not wish to have their child’s biometric fingertip enrolled into the VeriCool system, we have an override option, so that these children can still be registered in class, or purchase in the canteen, using a manual verification process. This option also ensures that no free school meal students are identified even if they are processed manually.