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KS4 Revision Page

This is a really good starting point, or summary, that covers the basic questions for this subject. More specific materials are in the folders on our secure Revision page or have been given to students in lessons.

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Subject: Geography
How are the exams structured?


Paper 1 Our Natural World 1 hour 15 minutes

(Dynamic Development, Resource Reliance, Urban Futures and UK in 21st Century)

Paper 2 People and Society 1 hour 15 minutes

(Sustaining Ecosystems, Distinctive Landscapes, Changing climates, Global Hazards)

Paper 3 Geographical Exploration 1 hour 30 minutes

(Synoptic unit- takes on board all topics and uses a detailed resource booklet)

Where can we find past papers etc? The paper from last year will be on the secure area along with mark scheme, plus the two sample papers.
What do we need to revise? Where should we start?


The eight topics from the course.

Start with the topics from Year 10: Dynamic Development, Sustaining Ecosystems, Distinctive Landscapes and Resource Reliance.

Map out the case studies with their basic facts.

What will we find in the subject folders on the secure site? Past paper, revision guides and case study fact sheets.
What are the most useful websites? BBC Bitesize.