School Bus Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Due to the increasing number of pupils using the school bus, we are having to change the way bus money is to be collected and refunded.

From Monday February 20th (the Monday after half term), the following will apply:-

Paying for the bus

We prefer you to pay for the bus online via your cash office account if you are able to do so. Please contact the school office if you would like your online access code.

If you do want to pay by cash or cheque, can you please ask pupils to bring the money to the office at Site A.


Refunds for the bus will only be given at the end of every ½ term.

If you know that your child is due a refund for one week, you can deduct that amount from the amount you pay the following week.

Many Thanks for your help in this matter.

Yours Faithfully

Mrs C Reeds
Chief Operating Officer