PE Extra Curricular

DAY LUNCHTIME (12.15-12.45pm) AFTER SCHOOL (3-4.10pm)
MONDAY Site A – Year 8 Indoor Football (RPe) PE Meeting
Site B – Yr 9/10/11 Badminton (KKa)
Site C (Astro) – Yr 7 Football Club (DPh)
TUESDAY Site A – Year 7 Indoor Football (RPe)  

All Years Netball Training (KPa/RBr/CGu)

Year 7/8/9 Football Training (DPh/JDa/GCa)

Site B – Year 7/8 Badminton (RBr)
Site C (Astro)  – Year 8 Football Club (GCa)
WEDNESDAY Site A – Year 7 Dodgeball Club (KPa) KS3 Football & Netball Fixtures

Year 7/8/9 Years Badminton (JJo/Site B)

Year 10/11/12/13 Football Training

Site B – Year 10/11 Indoor Football (RPe)
Site C (Astro)  – Year 9 Football Club (JDa)
THURSDAY Site A – Year 8/9 Dodgeball Club (DPh)  

KS4 Football & Netball Fixtures

Year 10/11/12/13 Badminton (KKa/Site C)

Year 7/8 Rugby Club (RPe)

Year 7/8/9 Multi Sports Club (Invite Only, GCa)

Site B – Year 9 Indoor Football (RPe)
Site C (Astro)  – Year 10/11/12/13

Football Club (TCh)

Drama Studio – All Years Dance Club


Site A – Year 7/8 Girls ONLY Sports Club (KPa)
Site B – Sports Leaders Club

Boys = Week 1 (GCa)

Girls = Week 2 (JJo)



Lunchtime Clubs (12.15-12.45pm)

  • All lunchtime clubs start next week!!
  • You DO NOT need PE kit to attend a club, just a pair of trainers.
  • We recommend you get your lunch at break time.
  • For all Astro Football clubs head straight down to the Astro with all belongings at 12.15pm. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE CHANGING ROOMS
  • For all indoor clubs put your belongings in the changing rooms.
  • If it is a wet lunch ALL PE clubs are cancelled.

After School Clubs (3-4.10pm)

  • All after school start properly week beginning Monday 11th
  • EXCEPT the following which are ON…….

Tuesday =      All Years Netball & Yr 8 vs Yr 9 Boys Football Trials

Thursday =    Yr 7 vs Yr 8 Boys Football Trials

Get involved! All you have to do is turn up!