The school planner issued to all children each year is provided free of charge.

The pupil planner is a major tool with which we can support every child in their learning.

In particular:

– help the children organise their time and their studies

– help the children manage their learning effectively

– help the children record important information to move their learning forward (e.g. homework, target setting etc.) and monitoring their own performance (e.g. rewards, reports, etc.)

– to help the children to use the planner as an aide memoir to check their own progress and what they need to do to be successful at school (e.g. provides a useful guide on school rules.)

The planner is also the main source of communication that we have as a school with our parents. Parents are required to check their child’s planner each week and sign the relevant page. Parents can also make comments and communicate with staff in the planner.

As such it is vitally important that all staff are aware of the importance of the planner to children and the school and support its use to maximum possible effect.

At the end of each year the planner is updated. Any suggestions or amendments or changes to the planner are welcome.