School Council

What is the School Council?

The School Council is a selection of pupils who have been elected by their peers to represent them in meetings with members of staff in order to improve the school. It is a privilege to be selected as a School Council member because at Wigston Academy we believe the role these pupils play in a range of developments is significant. Class representatives are given priority lunch cards in order to attend regular meetings with staff and work projects of their own proposal.

Why have a School Council?

It is crucial to us, as a staff, to respond to the needs and views of our pupils and allow them to feel empowered by their education. Through the School Council, our pupils have the opportunity to let us know their opinions about things that affect them in the day-to-day running of the school. The pupils are given a voice; we value their views and want them to have a say about decisions. By helping the school to become a better place to learn and thrive as young people, the School Council representatives develop valuable life skills.

Recent focuses of the School Council have included:

– Sharing the views of pupils on the current rewards system in the school. Pupils suggested a variety of ways to reward achievements in prize-giving assemblies (which has had a direct impact on all pupils).

– Selecting and ordering badges to be worn by all class representatives, which identify them as School Council members.

– Working together to create a new system of recycling around the school and in the canteen at lunch times.

– Producing a display about the School Council for other pupils to see. The display includes photographs and names of class representatives and words that describe their personalities.

– Thinking creatively about ways to mark 50 years of education at Wigston Academy. Council members are currently collaborating on a project that includes a time capsule – a truly innovative concept!

We look forward to celebrating the future successes of the School Council.

Pupil’s opinions about the School Council

“We have a School Council to improve the education, enjoyment, achievements and friendships of pupils. The council is important as pupils can have their say about how to change and improve Wigston Academy. Because I am a School Council member, the opinions of my class have been put forward by me in the meetings I have had and they have been discussed in detail. In doing this, some of the suggestions have been put into effect in order to give us an improved experience at school and a better future. The thing I have enjoyed most about being a School Council member is being able to freely and openly discuss my views (although it has also been nice having a priority lunch card for coming to meetings, too!)” – Harry Redfern, Year 8

“The thing I have enjoyed most about being a School Council member is finding out I was elected by my class, which I would never have expected. I was over the moon when I found out I was chosen. Over the year, I have put in my time, effort and commitment to take part in the School Council. There have been many great ideas from other people and I have contributed by having a vote on what happens.” – Year 9 Pupil

“I think that it’s important to have a School Council because it means that it’s not just teachers making all of the decisions.” – Anonymous

“I felt proud to be chosen by my class.” – Anonymous

“I like knowing that I have been heard.” – Anonymous

“I hope I am picked again next year because I will make sure it’s even better.” – Anonymous