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Summer Term Arrangements

Summer Term Arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers

The Summer Term is always a busy one for students, parents/carers and teachers as we get ready for the forthcoming examinations. Although we recognise that this can be a potentially stressful time for some of our students (and parents!), we will be putting a lot of effort in trying to ensure that your son/daughter is supported through what can be an exciting, if sometimes challenging, process.

This letter aims to clarify the arrangements which have been put into place to ensure the remainder of the Summer Term runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible for you as parents/carers and for your son/daughter.

Exam Preparation Period
Year 11 students should continue to attend the Academy as normal following their usual timetable until Friday 25th May. If they have lessons where they have already completed the course and/or the exams, they will be allowed to revise for their other subjects in these periods.

After the half term break (starting Monday 4th June);

• Students must sign in at student reception each day to ensure we are aware of who is attending that day and registers will be taken in revision lessons and rooms, as Year 11 students are not required to attend tutor time or registration after 25th May. We will continue to monitor attendance to revision sessions and contact home where we are concerned about not having seen students.
• If a student has already completed all of the exams for a timetabled subject then a staffed revision room will be available for students to use if they have a gap before another revision lesson (or exam).
• If students are not in the revision room and do not have another lesson that day, they must sign out at reception if they are revising at home.
• Students are always welcome to come in and use the revision facilities (rather than revise at home) even if they do not have a lesson or exam.

Each exam day there will be an exam briefing for all Year 11 students taking exams that day; they will also be provided with a bottle of water to keep brains hydrated!

• AM exam briefings will begin at 8.20am in Site A Hall
• PM exam briefings will begin at 12.50pm in Site A Hall

Students should be well presented following the Academy uniform whenever they are in the Academy for lessons, revision sessions and examinations.

On the day that your son/daughter has completed their final exam, they will be ‘signed off’ and not expected to attend the Academy after that date. Students should also return any textbooks when they have sat their last exam.

The Year 11 Prom is on Thursday 5th July at the City Rooms in Leicester.

Sixth Form Induction – Students holding an offer for Wigston College Sixth Form should attend the Sixth Form Induction on Tuesday 3rd July and Wednesday 4th July. A letter providing further details regarding the arrangements will be issued later this term.

GCSE examination results will be available to collect from the Academy on Thursday 23rd August from 8.30 – 11.30am. If your son/daughter is joining Wigston College Sixth Form, they will have an interview with a member of staff that morning to confirm their option choices and timetables.

Sixth Form studies – Term will start for students on Wednesday 29th August 2018 at 8.25am with a briefing in the main hall.

If you or your son/daughter have any questions or concerns about how the remainder of the year is to be organised, please do not hesitate to talk to us – whether in person or via the usual means of communication. It is really important that students feel ‘exam ready’ and so we hope that revision and preparation becomes a priority for them, if it’s not already!

Finally it remains for me to wish the students the very best of luck in the examinations this summer and to say thank you as parents/carers for the support you continue to give to your son/daughter in ensuring they achieve every success in their studies.

Yours faithfully

Mr Wilson – Headteacher
Wigston Academy & Wigston College