Year 9 – Work Shadowing Project

Throughout Key Stage 3 students at Wigston Academy follow a Careers programme which introduces the world of work and how to access information in the Careers Library. Part of this programme involves the Careers Forum held at Wigston College (February 2018) to enable parents and students to begin to explore the avenues and possibilities open to them, in the realms of the world of work or in Further Education.

A part of this programme is the Work Shadowing Project which has been running for several years and is very successful.  A placement for the day in a work environment is a valuable experience for students, provided by parents and their employers. There is strong evidence which shows that the more engagements young people have with the world of business the more likely they are to have a good job and earn 16% more than their peers. Students are thoroughly briefed beforehand and are required to keep a detailed diary of the day.  The diary can take the form of a folder of work or a project on card or paper etc.

All students will get the chance to follow up this one day Work Shadowing Project with the opportunity to take part in a one week Work Experience placement in the Spring Term of year 10. More information about this will be shared in September 2018.

If you feel that you are in a position to help with this project by taking your son/daughter to work with you, for a day, on Wednesday 1st November, please complete the attached paperwork and return to your son/daughter’s Tutor.

It is essential that you read the information carefully. For any student to take part on November 1st the attached paperwork will need to be completed and returned by Friday 13th October 2017. This includes the parental consent form and the employer information.

Before releasing a student from normal studies to take part in the Work Shadowing Project, the Academy has a responsibility to check that the child will be covered under the Employer’s liability insurance. As the employing firms have direction and control over the students on their days work shadowing, it becomes their responsibility to ensure that their employer’s liability insurance includes cover for 13-14 year old children. The absolute minimum level of cover is £1,000,000.

In previous years, the vast majority of employers are happy to make all necessary arrangements for our students to experience a day of work shadowing. There can be little doubt that the day provides a valuable experience for our Year 9 students.

Should your child be unable to find a work placement, they will attend school for the day.

Yours faithfully,

Natasha Davies
Assistant Headteacher