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Year 11 Revision and Support

Year 11 Revision and Support

Today we are launching a new Year 11 area of the school website. Contained within this area is:

• Guidance on how to download subject specific Apps for English literature, maths, history and geography
• Independence booklets for subjects to help your child work independently at home and prepare for their final exams
• Knowledge worksheets for individual subject topics which are at different levels to allow students to gain confidence as they work through them
• Materials created by subject staff to support student revision and help them lock in learning

The materials are accessed by selecting the “Students” section of the website and then selecting “Revision and Support”. The page is password protected and the password is contained within the letter that accompanies the Year 11 student reports issued today. We are looking to expand access to Year 10 before Easter.

We hope you find these resources useful and if your child tells you they have nothing to do, point them towards the website!