Year 8 Paris Trip Blog

Year 8 Paris Trip Blog

We set off from Wigston Academy at 6.04am! So it was an early start! We are travelling on a GH Watts coach and it’s luxury! After a four hour drive we reached the port of Dover. The coach drove below the deck of our ferry and we all got off to eat our lunch. I’m not going to lie, the sea was a bit rocky but otherwise the journey was great! We got to the centre at 6.45pm and we settled in well.

We went to the magnificent Eiffel Tower today! When we got to the top, the views were stunning! Unforgettable in my opinion. After that we went to the Musee Grevin, a French waxwork museum, and we saw a beautiful light display and around 300 wax figures of famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein! It was a brilliant day!

Today we visited the Stade de France, the French football stadium. We had VIP access to all the stadium including the players changing rooms and the practice rooms. We found the president’s seat and we walked out of the tunnel where the players run out, to the sound of the cheering crowd. The tour was brilliant!
We also visited Sacre Coeur, a beautiful Roman Catholic Church and the magnificent Arc de Triomphe! We climbed all the way to the top and the views were breathtaking!

We visited Notre Dame today, the beautiful cathedral where the Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo is set! After, we walked to the Louvre, the fabulous glass pyramid which has the Mona Lisa inside it. We had a group photo by the pyramid. Finally we went on a boat trip along the river Seine and it was very serene. The views we saw were beautiful. The best boat trip I’ve ever been on!

Today we went to Disneyland Paris, it was absolutely brilliant! There were loads of rides and souvenir shops! The park is a brilliant place to be. We were given loads of free time to do whatever we liked, that was fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone.

Paris is a great trip to go on, I would definitely recommend you going!

Written by Amelia Aucott, Year 8.