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We are all affected by businesses because we all buy the goods and services which they provide. In addition, most of us will work in Business after we finish studying and will rely on a business or other organisation for our wage. Some of us may own and run our own business in the future. Everyone can own shares in large businesses.


Theme 1 Investigating small business
Enterprise and entrepreneurship
Spotting a business opportunity
Putting a business idea into practice
Making the business effective
Understanding external influences on business
Theme 2 Building a business
2.1 Growing the business
2.2 Making marketing decisions
2.3 Making operational decisions
2.4 Making financial decisions
2.5 Making human resource decisions


Exam board: Edexcel
You will sit 2 exams papers at the end of year 11. One will assess your knowledge of theme 1 and accounts for 50% of your overall grade. The other will assess your knowledge of theme 2 and accounts for 50% of your overall grade. There is no coursework or controlled assessment on this course.
Both exam papers follow the same format. Each paper is divided into three sections:
Section A: 35 marks
Section B: 30 marks
Section C: 25 marks.
The papers will consist of calculations, multiple-choice, short-answer and extended-writing questions. Questions in Sections B and C will be based on business contexts given in the paper. Calculators may be used in the examination.


In September Year 11 you will complete the controlled assessment on Unit 1. this should take around 16 hours (25%).
At the end of Year 11 you will sit a 1 hour exam on Unit 2 (25%).
At the end of Year 11 you will also take a 1 ½ hour exam based on a pre release case study on Unit 3 (50%).