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In this course, we enable students to understand and appreciate key citizenship issues at home, in school and as young citizens in their wider community. Students study citizenship in perspective, citizenship in action and our rights, our society, our world.


There are four main topics within the 3 themes;
Section 1: Rights, the law and the legal system in England and Wales
Section 2: Democracy and government
Section 3: The UK and the wider world
Section 4: Citizenship Action
In Section 1, a study on rights, responsibilities and the law underpins the learning of other topics and focuses on how the legal system works in the United Kingdom, as well as the process of the law and the rights and responsibilities that affect all citizens within the UK. This area will be assessed in all three exam papers. A study on citizenship in action will focus on democracy and politics, the economy, finance and money as well as how citizens will participate in democracy and society. Students will partake in a citizenship action project which will be evidenced and examined.


Exam board: OCR
There are 3 exam papers for this specification;
Paper 1: Citizenship in perspective – worth 25% of the final grade
Paper 2: Citizenship in action – worth 50% of the final grade
Paper 3: Our rights, our society, our world – worth 25% of the final grade
Students will also take part in a citizenship action project to create change or raise awareness of an issue. This underpins the knowledge for paper 2.